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Ashesi University Foundation was founded by Dr. Patrick Awuah, and spearheaded (till date) by a well-qualified Board of Trustees whose efforts are complemented by Advisory Boards located in the US and Ghana. In 2002, Ashesi University officially launched its liberal-arts style of higher education as a private, not-for-profit, non-sectarian institution fitting to Africa’s context and enrolled its pioneering class of 30 students. Ashesi University’s mission is to propel an African renaissance by educating ethical, entrepreneurial leaders. Located in Berekuso, Ghana, this private, non-profit university combines a rigorous multidisciplinary core as part of its four-year undergraduate program with major studies in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Engineering and Business Administration, as well as graduate programs in Mechatronics Engineering. A student-led honour code, integrated community service, diverse internships, and real-world projects prepare Ashesi students to develop innovative solutions for the challenges facing their individual communities, countries and the continent at large. As of January 2023, Ashesi University had an undergraduate student population of 1,418 and 40 post graduate students, of which 47% are women and 46% are on scholarships.

Ashesi is now recognized as one of the finest universities in Africa, with a proven track record in fostering ethical leadership, critical thinking, an entrepreneurial mindset, and the ability to solve complex problems. And in 2018, the President of Ghana granted Ashesi a Charter to operate as a fully autonomous institution; no longer to be supervised by a public university under Ghana’s accreditation system. Ashesi is the youngest university to have achieved such recognition, and one of five private universities in Ghana to have a Charter.