Africa Higher Education
Health Collaborative

Higher Education for a higher purpose: We believe that young people hold the potential to become the ethical, entrepreneurial leaders our continent and planet need. Our role is to unlock that potential through a one-of-a-kind learning experience that gives students the foundation for a lifetime of leading positive change. ALU approaches education through “Missions, not Majors”: with a keen focus on the Global Challenges – especially health-related Missions (in the entrepreneurial and ecosystems). Guided by learning coaches, visiting faculty, experts in residence and mentors, students undertake an immersive learning journey close to the problems they will need to solve as leaders and the communities they will serve. Learners get to identify a mission based on challenges or opportunities they have identified (or have lived with), and, they are given the foundational skills to lead themselves through (for example) an in-depth exploration of Values, Vision and Virtue. Through international internships and networking opportunities, learners also have access to significant resources (across the African Leadership Group and its partners) to research, prototype, conduct market assessment and scale their solutions in and outside of their communities. Over 41 nationalities are currently represented in ALU – on our main campus, and multiple hubs spread across different parts of the world and growing. We run undergraduate programs in Software Engineering and Entrepreneurial Leadership, an Executive MBA and other leadership programs. ALU, Doing Hard Things!